Patient specific information
for optimal decision making

Clinical Tools
for accurate and efficienct calculations and risk assessments

Coding & QOF
for accurate coding and payment

Prescribing Info Templates
for safe prescribing and effective communication

Clinical Admin Templates
for robust processes and documentation

Audit Tools
for prioritisation and accuracy of Clinical audit

Medicine Review Templates
for quality review and documentation

Consultation & Action log
for high quality consultation and record keeping

Competency & Development Tools
for guiding devlopment and recording competence


We're experienced
We have extensive Primary care experience

We understand patients
Our tools get patient’s engaged with their own health.

We're outcome focused
Our tools are designed to improve quality and patient outcomes.

We're health focused
Our aim is to support patients to achieve optimal health

We're evidence based
Our tools simplify complex evidence based medicine.

We maximise value
Our tools ensure value is maximised at every patient contact.

We support change
We support change by priritising action and aiding communication

We keep things simple
Our tools simplify information and make accessible for Clinicians

We integrate efficiently
Our tools fit seamlessly into Clinician work flow and save time.


Our tools are focused on Supporting Medicine review, Optimising medication and ensuring Safety. These tool’s can be used by any clinician working within these areas, and also can be utilised by support staff to maximise delegation of non-clinical work.

No, all clinicians will benefit from using our tools when opening a patient record or carrying out a consultation. Our tools can also be utilised by support staff to maximise delegation of non-clinical work.

No, currently our tools are only available for use with TPP SystmOne.

Yes, there are a series of instructional documents included with each service.

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Yes, individual practices can purchase these tools, but they are better value if bought as part of a larger group (e.g. PCN or ICS).


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